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Th13teenz x Endee Unleash Captivating New "Freestyle"

Updated: Jan 2

Coventry, UK - May 26, 2023

Independent record label Movinloud is thrilled to introduce the dynamic collaboration between upcoming UK rap talents Th13teenz and Endee. Brace yourselves for the release of "Freestyle," a hard-hitting single that brings the streets of Birmingham to life with its raw energy and authentic storytelling.

Th13teenz and Endee, two emerging rappers, have united their talents to create an unparalleled musical experience. Inspired by their everyday lives and their community, their lyrics paint vivid pictures of the struggles and victories they face on the streets of Birmingham.

"Freestyle" was recorded, mixed, and mastered at the renowned Movinloud Studio in Coventry, where these young artists honed their skills under the guidance of producer Don Rikx. Don's expertise elevates Th13teenz and Endee's sound, ensuring that every word resonates deeply with listeners. He also crafted the compelling visuals for the official music video, adding an extra layer of intensity to the song.

"Freestyle" embodies a passionate commitment to giving aspiring talents a platform to pursue their dreams through music. Th13teenz and Endee believe in the power of their voices, using their art to shed light on personal experiences, memories, and fictional narratives that shape their lives. With an unwavering pride in their neighborhood, DY Block, they effortlessly intertwine their surroundings with captivating storytelling.

Although Th13teenz and Endee may be relatively new to the scene, their undeniable chemistry and fresh sound have started to turn heads. Through their collaboration with Movinloud, this dynamic duo aims to redefine the UK rap landscape, infusing it with their unique style, authentic lyrics, and infectious energy.

"Freestyle" is just the beginning of an exciting journey for Th13teenz and Endee. With a series of upcoming singles on the horizon, they are set to make their mark and captivate audiences with their unparalleled talent.

Get ready for the release of "Freestyle" today, available on all major streaming platforms. Stay connected with Th13teenz and Endee by following them on social media and reaching out to Movinloud Records via email at


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Name: Movinloud Records

Social Media: @movinloud_

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