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Here you can find a full detailed list of our standard rates



£35 per hour (Engineer incl.)

Record in our acoustically tuned recording booth with the support of our engineer, for an immersive experience and crisp clear sound quality.

Our recording sessions include Mp3 recording preview and .wav stem files

DSC06409 copy.JPG


£50 per song

Mastering is the final step of audio post-production.

It's purpose is to balance the sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats, giving it the final polish that turns a finished mix into a release that’s ready for listeners to experience on all devices—from tiny iPhone speakers to massive dance club sound systems.

Our mastering includes top quality master in mp3, wav and flac formats.



from £35

Capture the moment and tell a story with our photo services.

Shoot indoor or outdoor 30 mins and receive 5-7 high quality edited and colour graded images for £35, or 1 hour and 10-12 images for £60.

Screenshot 2023-02-05 142132.png


from £80

Get your track sounding professional and to industry level with our expert mixing services. Our acoustically tuned control room together with experienced, talented engineers will ensure your mix sounds clean, balanced and ready to go to the mastering stage.

Our mixing prices starts from £80 for 5 stems and will include up to 3 free mix reviews, Mp3, Wav and Flac files.



from £35

We offer instrumentals leases starting from £35 for a basic lease.

Custom production is also available, starting from £150 for a custom made instrumental basic lease.

If you need a custom instrumental, get in touch to receive a quote specific to your requirements

Please note that any license other than the "exclusive" requires 50% royalty split and all licenses require producer credits.



from £200

Our video services are what you need to elevate your visuals and create more than a simple video.

With our experience and creative vision, whether you need a promo, a music video or  a freestyle, we will help you get the visuals your music deserve.

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