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🎶 New Release Alert: "Back At It" by Yarnzz x Bendito

We're thrilled to announce the latest release from Movinloud Records: "Back At It" by the dynamic duo Yarnzz x Bendito! This Birmingham-based collaboration is a testament to the vibrant talent emerging from the UK music scene.

Yarnzz and Bendito bring a fresh sound and undeniable creativity to the table. With their specially crafted rhymes, unique lyrics, and high-quality delivery, they're set to make waves not only in the UK but on the international stage as well.

"Back At It" marks their debut under Movinloud Records, and we couldn't be more excited to have them on board. As their first release with us, this track is accompanied by a visually stunning music video, crafted by the talented Don Rikx. Rikx not only produced the instrumental but also filmed and edited the captivating visuals, elevating the song to new heights.

Both Yarnzz and Bendito have already been making waves individually, with thousands of monthly streams each. Now, with the backing of Movinloud Records, we're confident that this collaboration will propel them to even greater heights, reaching audiences around the globe.

"Back At It" is now available on all major streaming platforms, and the music video is ready to be enjoyed on our official Movinloud YouTube channel. Join us in celebrating the talents of Yarnzz x Bendito and stay tuned for more exciting releases from Movinloud Records!

🎧 Stream "Back At It" now: 📺 Watch the official music video:

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Let's support our homegrown talent and keep the music moving loud!

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