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Juggin24z and Hazard Set the Streets Ablaze with 'Hold Smoke Learn Lessons'

Movinloud TV is back with a bang as we wrap up 2023 with the release of the highly anticipated music video for the drill single "Hold Smoke Learn Lessons" by the dynamic duo, Juggin24z and Hazard. This high-energy and fast-paced track is accompanied by equally intense visuals, courtesy of the talented Don Rikx, who not only directed the video but also produced and engineered the track, ensuring a seamless fusion of auditory and visual excellence.

New Uk Drill Song release "Hold Smoke Learn Lessons"

Juggin24z, formerly known as A.I. Anti, had an impressive run in 2023 with a total of 20k streams on his two releases, setting the stage for an even more remarkable journey ahead. Now, armed with a brand new exclusive record deal with Movinloud Records, Juggin24z is ready to break through the music industry in 2024, and "Hold Smoke Learn Lessons" is the perfect testament to his prowess and potential.

The Track and Visuals:

"Hold Smoke Learn Lessons" is a relentless drill single that doesn't hold back, hitting listeners with aggressive beats and razor-sharp lyrics. The collaboration with Hazard adds an extra layer of intensity to the track, making it an unmissable experience for fans of the genre.

Don Rikx's direction of the music video perfectly complements the raw energy of the song. The visuals are fast-paced, filled with dynamic shots, and capture the essence of the streets, giving viewers a front-row seat to the world that Juggin24z and Hazard navigate through their lyrics.

Juggin24z's Ascension:

With the success of his previous releases and the backing of Movinloud Records, Juggin24z is poised for a breakthrough year in 2024. The artist's unique style and lyrical prowess have already garnered attention, and "Hold Smoke Learn Lessons" is set to propel him further into the limelight.

Movinloud's Commitment:

As Movinloud Records closes the curtains on 2023, the release of "Hold Smoke Learn Lessons" marks a stylish conclusion to a year filled with musical triumphs. The exclusive signing of Juggin24z reflects the label's commitment to nurturing emerging talents and pushing the boundaries of the music industry.

Looking Ahead:

As we bid farewell to 2023, Movinloud TV is gearing up for an exciting 2024 with the promise of more groundbreaking music videos. The label's dedication to delivering high-quality content and supporting rising artists positions them as a powerhouse in the ever-evolving music landscape.

In conclusion, "Hold Smoke Learn Lessons" not only serves as a powerful anthem for the drill genre but also signals the rise of Juggin24z as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Stay tuned for more from Movinloud TV as they continue to set the stage on fire in 2024.

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