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Direct Distribution
tailored to your release

Releasing your single or album through Movinloud Distribution means no stress

while reaping all the benefits of a managed release with one of the biggest upcoming independent labels in the UK boasting over 120M Streams & Views accrued across platforms

What you'll get

Here's all the perks you'll receive when releasing through Movinloud

Worldwide distribution
to over 50 world's largest
music platforms

Tailor made release plan
including SM post schedule,
playlist pitch, blog post & more

Worldwide Royalties collection for sync & mechanical + content id, copyright protection, PRO registration

Fast and easy:
just submit your song, cover art & your details
and we'll do all the rest

Pre Upload copyright verification

Automatic submission to our A&R's and partners

Give your release the visibilty it deserves
while you can get back to making music

Ready for your first stress-free release?

Start reaping the benefits of a label-curated release today

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